Frequently asked questions

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Our wifi isn’t very good

Although a new intruder alarm can be connected to your home WIFI, it only uses this to send signals to your smart phone. Any wireless sensors on your alarm system will connect via the systems own 868 MHz radio frequency.

If you have no WIFI or a poor connection, our alarms can be connected by GSM to your smartphones. 

we aren’t great with technology

Our alarms are all designed to make using them as simple as possible for you and your key holders. They are so easy to use that you don’t even need to remember a code. Simply show the keypad a programmed tag to switch on and off.

No one pays attention to alarms

Although this statement can be true, especially if you don’t have neighbours. Our alarms have internal and external sounders, so anyone trying to enter the property will trigger the 104db siren and want to run away not knowing who has been notified.

What happens if our alarm goes off

False alarms and mistakes do happen, but a correctly installed alarm wont give you problems. As part of our service, we offer 24/7 callout on all our systems under a maintenance contract, if we weren’t good at what we do we wouldn’t get any sleep and be inundated with phone calls. Any issues we make sure get fixed straight away and use quality equipment to avoid repeat problems.