Designed for any size domestic and commercial applications the HKC 10270 incorporates both HKC’s SecureWatch wired and SecureWave wireless technologies. The panel is a true hybrid and communicates with an extensive range of wired and wireless devices. A range of communicators and warning devices are also available to choose from. The HKC 10270 can have up to 270 wire/wireless zones and is compatible with all of HKC’s latest products.

Often people worry about battery life in the wire free systems, batteries usually last between 2 – 4 years depending on the system usage, there is no need to change all of the batteries out every year and receive hefty maintenance bills!

HKC systems can also be connected to your broadband, this enables the alarm to talk to HKC’s Secure Cloud service, you can then use your system with an easy to use remote application on your smart phone. Please watch the video below for how the application on your smart phone works. If you have any questions or would like a quotation for a system with remote connectivity please get in touch.

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