HKC SecureComm2 App – Help & FAQs

What is the HKC SecureComm2 app?

The SecureComm 2 app is a new HKC app designed to replace the existing HKC SecureComm app. The app includes all of the functionality of the original SecureComm app but also includes an updated design and new features.

If I download the SecureComm2 app, will it replace the existing HKC app on my phone?

No. The SecureComm2 app is a new app. If you download the SecureComm2 app the existing HKC app will remain on your phone as a separate app.

Can I delete the existing HKC app once I’ve downloaded the SecureComm2 app?

We recommend first importing your site details across to the SecureComm2 app (details on how to import your sites provided below). Once you’ve imported your site details across you can delete the existing HKC app and use the SecureComm2 app to remotely access your HKC security system.

Is the HKC SecureComm2 app free?

Yes. The SecureComm2 app is free to download.

What operating systems does the new HKC app support?

The HKC SecureComm2 app is available for Apple (iOS 12+) and Android (Android 5+) devices.

Why are HKC launching a new app?

In order to re-fresh the design and launch some new features it was decided to build a new app. Any future design updates or new features will be rolled out on the HKC SecureComm2 app only.

How do I set up my site details on the new app?

If you are already using the existing HKC SecureComm app, you can transfer your site details across to the SecureComm 2 app by following the steps below: 

  • Ensure you have updated the existing HKC app to the latest version on your phone. You can check the App store/Google Play to see if an update is available 
  • Download the new HKC SecureComm 2 app on to your device. The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play 
  • When you open the new HKC SecureComm2 app you will see a popup prompting you to import the existing data. 
  • Click the “Import” button. It will take a few seconds for your sites to be imported across. 
  • When your site details have been migrated across you can log in to your site as normal.

How can I tell if I’ve downloaded the new HKC SecureComm2 app?

The app icon for the SecureComm2 app is as follows:

What new features are available in the SecureComm2 app?

(i) Biometric login:

You can set up Fingerprint or Face ID to log in to your site, meaning you don’t have to enter your user code each time you want to log in to your site.

To enable Biometric login, first go to the app settings on your phone and toggle Face ID to the “on” position. Once you’ve enabled Face/Fingerprint ID in your app settings, open the HKC SecureComm2 app and log in to your site. Click on the settings option to enable biometric login for that site. Please note, if you have multiple sites set up in the app, biometric login must be enabled for each site individually.

(ii) Enhanced log filtering features:

You can now filter log events by alarm event, date or fault event

(iii) Improved search:

If you have multiple sites set up in the app you can use the new search feature to quickly and easily find the site you’re looking for.

I am a new HKC customer and am installing the HKC app for the first time.What is my site ID and password?

At the system keypad, key in 0*9, followed by your user code. This will display your site ID and password. If this is not set up, please contact your alarm installation company.

How do I add a new site to the HKC SecureComm2 app?

To add a new site to an app click on the “+” symbol in the top right-hand corner of the app. Enter the site details and click the “Connect” button to connect to the site.

How do I delete a site from the HKC SecureComm2 app?

On the site listing screen click on the settings button at the top of the screen. This will open the “Site settings” screen. Click on the site you wish to delete and this will open the “Edit site” screen. Underneath the edit site options you will see an option to delete the site. Click this and the site will be deleted from the app.

Why is the SecureComm2 Smartphone App not able to connect to a site?

The SecureComm App will show error messages if it is not able to connect to a site. 

  • “Unable to connect to the SecureComm service, please check the phone signal level and data is enabled.” This error indicates that the phone is not connected to a Wi-Fi network with internet access, or that mobile data is not enabled on the phone.
  • “SecureComm is unable to communicate with the system, please try again later”. This error indicates that the alarm panel is currently not connected to the SecureComm service due to a Wi-Fi or internet connection fault or a GSM connection fault due to a network outage or poor GSM coverage. If this fault persists an alarm installer will be required to visit the site to resolve the issue and to perform any necessary firmware upgrades.

HKC SecureComm 2

Available to download now.

Updated design

A brand new design layout and great new features to provide an enhanced user experience

biometric login

Customers can set up Fingerprint or Face ID so there’s no need to enter their user code every time they wish to log in to the app

log history

Up to 100 log events are available within the app and users can now filter these events by date, set/unset or alarm event

improved search

Better search options make it easier to find the site you’re looking for – very useful for users with multiple sites within the app

The Original HKC SecureComm App Setup

Follow the step by step instructions to setup your mobile phone with HKC’s  SecureComm connection.

Step 1. You will require your SecureComm ID and SecureComm Password and your alarm system user code.If you are unsure what what your SecureComm ID and password are or have forgotten them, simply press 0*9 on your HKC keypad followed by your user code. The alarm keypad will now display your SecureComm ID and Secure Com Password. If you have forgotten your user code, please contact Suffolk Prestige Security to have the code reset.

Step 2. Download the HKC SecureComm App. This can be found in the  Apple App Store, or  Google Play Store.

Step 3. Open the SecureComm App on your mobile phone.

Step 4. Select ‘add new site’.

Step 5. Input your SecureComm ID followed by your Secure Comm Password.

Step 6. Enter the name you would like to call the site you are connecting. The building name is usually the most appropriate.

Step 7. You will be required to enter your alarm system user code.

The setup is now complete.