If you have had a HIKVision CCTV system installed, here are the instructions for installing and setting up the iVMS-4500 app onto your smart phone.

Begin by installing iVMS-4500 on your smart phone. App Store & Play Store are both available.

Once installed onto your device please open the app and select your region.

You will then need to select the menu button in the top left of the display and select ‘Devices’.

Press the ‘+’ button in the top right of the Devices menu, this will prompt you to select a method of adding a system. The following is for Manual Adding your CCTV system.

  • Alias – Your systems name.. i.e. My cameras, or My House Name.
  • Register Mode – Select IP/Domain
  • Address – Type in your external IP address or the address your security engineer has given you.
  • Port – 8000
  • User name – Setup by your security engineer
  • Password – Your chosen password when the system was installed

Once completed select the save icon in the top right of the display followed by start live view. The system is now setup and ready to use.

Please use the video below to visually guide you through the setup procedure.

If you are required to type in a “verification code”, you can input the verification code by selecting the button with 3 dots that is located next to the “Start Live View” bar in device setup. After pressing the 3 dots a tab appears with “input verification code”.

If you get stuck during setup or confused, please contact us at Suffolk Prestige Security.