HKC announce new equipment

HKC Alarm equipment is known for its reliability and user friendliness, the equipment is having a facelift with new products announced for release soon.

  • RF Access Keypad & RF Relay box
    Release in November 2019 – these products will deliver a secure access solution without wires and wireless connectivity for any output. Open garage doors, electric gates and much more without the hassle of running a cable to the keypad.
  • Miniature Contact
    Release Q1 2020 – our new miniature contacts, available in White, Grey or Brown, are discreet and stylish for homes and offices.
  • The Next Generation Keypad
    Due for release Q1 2020 the new next generation keypad is designed to complement modern interiors with an easy to read graphical display and capacitive touch technology.
  • Universal Communicator
    Release December 2019 – the new communicator will deliver Grade 3 Dual Path signalling for non-HKC control panels. This means that most home and commercial panels can benefit from HKC reliable and user-friendly app.